Training of Young Scientists: Self leadership – Looking within to succeed

Dr Dimitra Zarafeta has recently participated in the “Self leadership – Looking within to succeed” online training course held by the VIB. Self-leadership is the process of becoming more comfortable with one’s own identity and desires, enabling individuals to reach their full potential and make informed decisions, both in their professional and personal lives.

It offers benefits for scientific research by enhancing communication skills, promoting fulfillment, and supporting balanced decision-making. This course is designed to provide participants with support, advice, and tools to improve their self-leadership in leadership roles.  

In terms of inclusivity, the workshop provided a safe space for participants to discuss challenges they may face as members of minority groups, recognizing the importance of diversity in scientific research. 

Overall, this course provided empowerment to the participants (that were all female) with self-awareness and skills to excel in their leadership roles, fostering a supportive learning environment for personal growth and development.

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