Twin4Promis Junior Researcher Advancement: Tania Chroumpi Awarded MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr Tania Chroumpi, an esteemed member of the Twin4Promis team has been honored with the prestigious ERA Fellowships under the MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships program. Tania’s project, with the title “Bioengineered Microbes as a Platform for Discovering Chemical Rescuers of Disease-Related Misfolding of Integral Membrane Proteins,” carries the project acronym “ProMisMe.” 🚀

Tania’s groundbreaking work will make significant contributions to the comprehension of membrane protein misfolding, a critical area in scientific research.

The ProMisMe project holds the promise of revolutionizing the approach to addressing issues related to membrane protein misfolding, opening new horizons for innovative solutions.

Twin4Promis, acting as a hub of scientific excellence in the field of Protein Misfolding Diseases, expresses immense satisfaction in having Tania Chroumpi as a dedicated member of their team. The project eagerly anticipates the groundbreaking advancements and discoveries that ProMisMe will bring into the forefront of scientific exploration. 🌟

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