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in Protein Misfolding Diseases.

The objectives of the Twin4Promis project 

The EU-funded Twin4Promis project aims to set up a research and training hub in protein misfolding diseases to bridge the gap between the communities that study the misfolding of soluble and integral membrane proteins.

Enhance the ability of the NHRF to disseminate and communicate the results of its research activities more effectively to the scientific community and the wider public, as well as its capacity to commercially exploit the Institute’s research output and promote technology transfer and high-tech entrepreneurship further to contribute to Greece’s Research & Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization (RIS3) priorities

Reinforce the scientific excellence capacity and resources of the National Hellenic Research Foundation NHRF, improve the career development opportunities of its young scientists and raise its research profile in the field of protein misfolding diseases

Establish a new excellence hub in research, training and innovation on protein misfolding diseases

Strengthen the research management and organizational skills of the NHRF staff.

Research and Innovation Hub in Protein Misfolding Diseases

Twin4Promis partners will exploit their extended scientific and industrial network to build a wider scientific and industrial network in the field of protein misfolding diseases, which aims at bringing to together -for the first time- scientists involved in the research of diseases caused by the misfolding of both soluble and integral membrane proteins. This will greatly contribute to intensifying the liaisons among members of two scientific sub-communities who rarely communicate with another. 




Training and career development of Young Scientists

One of the main goals of the Twin4Promis project is to provide greatly improved scientific training and career development opportunities for young scientists in Greece and in Europe. It aims at promoting continuous training and transfer of knowledge from senior to young researchers and vice versa via organization trainings, workshops, joint summer schools, expert visits, short-term scientific missions and staff exchanges.


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